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Microsoft Exchange & Outlook Customization

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook offer considerable scope for customizing and extending their capabilities. We are able to develop custom applications which use these features to build on their capabilities. Solutions can be based on Exchange (the server), Outlook (the desktop application), or a mixture of the two. Our extensive experience in customizing and extending Microsoft Exchange is evidenced by our popular off-the-shelf products for Exchange. We can also advise on Exchange deployments, including VOIP/Telephony features in Exchange 2013, 2010 and 2007.

Exchange and Outlook are both complex products and custom solutions often involve several components. We encourage customers to discuss their business objectives with us at an early stage to understand what features are available and to assist in designing the ideal solution.

Exchange Customization

Exchange customizations are based on the server-side of Microsoft's mail system. These can be in the form of add-ins to the server components of Microsoft Exchange, or separate applications which interface with Exchange, for example, to retrieve and manipulate data in the Exchange store, or respond to actions like messages being sent or received. Some of the available customizations are:

  • Integration with custom line-of-business applications
  • Integration with other mail systems
  • Custom mail routing, based on custom business rules
  • Custom processing of inbound or outbound messages
  • Custom archiving, logging or tracking of items in the the Exchange Store databases
  • Performing additional operations when users perform a specific action (e.g. sending a message, creating a calendar appointment, etc.)

Outlook Customization

Outlook customizations involve additional software installed on the user workstations which usually customize the user interface of the Outlook application. These operate in a similar manner to commercially-available Outlook add-ins, such as anti-virus add-ins, Hotmail connectors and CRM or telephony integration tools. We can develop such add-ins either as part of an Exchange solution, or as a separate product which works when Outlook is connected to an Exchange server or not. Some of the available customizations are:

  • New fields on messages, calendar appointments, contacts, tasks and other Outlook objects
  • Integration with other applications installed on the user's computer, including custom line-of-business applications
  • New toolbars or buttons to provide additional functionality within Outlook
  • Performing additional operations when users perform a specific action (e.g. sending a message, creating a calendar appointment, etc.)
  • Sending email messages from custom desktop applications
  • Additional processing of message attachments


Would you like to know more about Exchange? Contact one of our friendly consultants to discuss your requirements and we will show you how you can use Exchange to become more productive.