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Custom Development

Quantum Software Solutions provide end-to-end custom development services, from identifying your needs and gathering requirements through to developing and implementing the finished software product. We are able to develop software from scratch, according to customer requirements and specifications, as well as implement solutions which include customized off-the-shelf software. Types of systems we have experience in developing include line-of-business applications, Office and Exchange add-ins, and most types of database-oriented systems. We are equally experienced in developing web/browser-based and Windows-based-applications.

Custom Software

If you have special requirements which can't be met with off-the-shelf software, then a custom solution makes sense. A custom software solution can range from an add-in to an existing product, customized elements in an intranet site built using an off-the-shelf package, or automated reporting based on existing data , through to completely custom line-of-business applications, internal systems, or even software for your partners or customers. A typical reason for a custom software project is to provide functionality that is specific to your business, and is not provided by ERP systems such as Oracle and SAP, or in smaller organizations, off-the-shelf packages such as MYOB. In this instance, we develop a custom solution that provides the additional functionality, and interfaces with an existing system so you can still use the rest of the functionality in the off-the-shelf package.

Custom solutions can provide competitive advantages and significant efficiency gains, particularly where tedious manual work can be automated. For most projects, the cost savings and benefits provided mean that our solutions pay for themselves many times over during their lifespan. In many situations, a custom solution can actually work out to be less expensive than an off-the-shelf system, when the ongoing licensing fees, maintenance costs and upgrades are considered. In designing a solution, we can assist by providing a realistic and honest cost/benefit analysis to determine how we can provide you with the best value. In short, our custom software solutions are designed to deliver outstanding value to your organization.

In most projects, the intellectual property of custom solutions is yours – so you are free to re-sell the software you have paid to have developed, with no restrictions or additional fees charged by us.

Systems Integration

Our systems integration services include Integrating two different off-the-shelf products, as well as integrating custom software with off-the-shelf software, or other custom software. You may already have an a custom software product which utilizes data from another system, but requires tedious manual processes to transfer the data between the systems. In many situations, we can completely automate this process.

Add-ins, Plug-ins & Extensions

If off-the-shelf software is able to provide most of the functionality you require, a custom add-in, plug-in or extension may be what you require. We have extensive experience in Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Outlook/Office add-ins, and we are ready to tackle more specialized projects.

The QSS Advantage

In the past, custom software has been of lower quality than other systems in many organizations, and has been a major source of headaches for IT departments. While often fundamental to the operation of the organization, custom software can also become impossible to maintain after a few years, and much-needed upgrades and enhancements are unable to be implemented. Older systems can also present major compatibility problems when operating systems are upgraded.

We know how all of these problems can arise, and actively take steps to prevent them, thereby protecting your investment. We understand the importance of delivering quality software products which are easy to use and provide a rich user experience, compatibility with other applications, and compliance with standards. By strictly following vendors' development guidelines, the chance of compatibility problems in the future is greatly reduced. Furthermore, our experience in developing our own off-the-shelf products is reflected in our custom solutions.

All of our solutions also come with a clear maintenance path. As the client, you are always provided with proper documentation on the design and maintenance procedures of the system. We provide source code to our clients to avoid locking you in, but we also maintain development environments for our solutions, so it is possible to easily get up and running where the development work left off. We are also happy to provide fixed-price maintenance agreements for our custom solutions.