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FAQ: Configuring Outlook Click to Dial with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (UCME)

A small amount of configuration is required on Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express to enable Outlook Click to Dial to communicate with the IP PBX and the individual IP phones. At a minimum, an XML username needs to be assigned to each phone.

Enabling the web server and creating an XML admin user is necessary to enable Outlook Click to Dial locate the IP address of a phone, based on its MAC address. This is useful if the phone IP addresses are assigned using DHCP. A phone user account is used to communicate with an individual IP phone.

The commands shown below will create the necessary configuration.

ip http server
voice register global
 mode cme
 url authentication http://<CME IP Address>/CCMCIP/authenticate.asp
ixi transport http
 response size 64
 no shutdown
 request outstanding 1
ixi application cme
 no shutdown
 xml user adminuser password cisco 15
 url authentication http://<CME IP Address>/CCMCIP/authenticate.asp phoneuser cisco

This will set up two logins, adminuser (used for looking up phone IP addresses) and phoneuser (used for communicating with individual phones), both with the password cisco. Be sure to replace the IP address in the authentication URLs (highlighted) with the actual address of your CME system.

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