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System Requirements

All of our products require some components to be installed on your system. This document provides information about those components and how to obtain them.

We always recommend using the newest versions of required products with the latest service packs.

Microsoft .NET Framework

The .NET Framework is a set of components to facilitate software development. As all of our products are developed using the .NET Framework, systems must have it installed in order to run them.

How to obtain the .NET Framework

The easiest way to obtain the .NET Framework is to download it via Windows Update. If you would prefer to download it separately from other updates, the you can also download the redistributable for your operating system from Microsoft. Once you have installed the .NET Framework, ensure that you run Windows Update again to install the latest service packs for the .NET Framework.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is required for logging features in some of our products. All of our products are compatible with the free SQL Server Express, version 2005 or 2008. However, SQL Server Compact is not supported. We recommend using the latest version with all service packs.

More information and download links for SQL Server Express can be found on the Microsoft SQL Server site.